10 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Invitations

Paper wedding invitations

Understandably, with everything else going on, invitations can become a bit of an afterthought when planning a wedding and often the cost gets underestimated too. In comparison to wedding dresses and honeymoons it’s easy to think invites will be the cheap bit, but it’s not always the case! Don’t worry though, we’ve put together our top tips to help you save as much as you can…

Don’t personalise

Invitations don’t have to be personalised to make a lasting impression. By choosing not to get names printed, it allows you to bulk order and bring the price down – after all, you’ll address your guests on the envelope anyway so there won’t be any confusion.

Add extra details yourself

Another brilliant idea is to get crafty and add some extra details yourself. By ordering plain invitations that won’t require any complex printing you’ll instantly save on costs. There’s no reason why you can’t then put your own stamp on them with some extra sparkle.

Take note of the little things

This one is important and can be easy to miss – take note of the finer details such as printing or card type. For example, if you choose a design that requires engraving on a heavyweight card then the price will be much higher.


The same goes for envelopes, the heavier the weight the more it will cost you to send. It’s also worth considering the shape of your invitations, square envelopes look the part, but they also must be hand stamped, pushing up your overall spend.

Order more

It might sound odd when talking about keeping costs down, but it’s a good idea to order more invitations than you need in case of any mistakes or last-minute changes. Ideally, order your backup invitations at the start as many suppliers will only sell in larger quantities, so this way you can avoid having to buy a whole new pack.


Make the most of your wedding party and enlist some help for proofreading your invitations. Ask your fiancé, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, or whoever you can grab hold of, to go over the invitations with you. More than likely they have already seen the style, so it won’t ruin any surprises and they might spot something you’ve missed.

Consider alternative styles

As with anything for your big day, the choice is yours! Who’s to say that you have to have traditional invitations? Why not go for a photo print, postcard or opt for an email invitation.

Email RSVP

If you don’t want to go as far as an email invitation, an email RSVP is a good alternative. You could set up a new email account so you can keep track. Similarly, you could simply include your number and ask for your guests to RSVP by text.

Make the most of offers

As with most products you can grab a bargain on wedding invitations if you look hard enough. For example, if you plan ahead and purchase your invitations out of wedding season, you’re more likely to save some money.

Hand deliver

Finally, hand deliver invitations where you can. It also might be worth considering if any of your guests are close to other guests, they could pass on the invitation for you.